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Junior Church

We have had several zoom Junior Church sessions during this covid restricted year and up to 15 children have taken part. Debbie has been the expert in setting up and inviting people to the zoom activities and some of the leaders have delivered craft packs to the children’s homes.

Each time Bible stories were read, games played and crafts demonstrated.

In December we all made Christingles, in February we had fun weaving a heart shaped basket to hold chocolate hearts, in March there was a Mother’s Day gift and card to make and in April the craft pack contained Easter activities, along with Fair Trade chocolate eggs.

Not all children appeared on the zoom but we’ve had far more wanting to take part than we would normally see in church on a Sunday morning. This has made me consider, maybe, setting up a midweek after school club. The adults who collect their youngsters from school could bring them to church, stay for a chat and a cuppa, while their offspring enjoy a junior church style session.

All thoughts and prayers for this project would be welcome.

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