Junior Church

Change was needed in Junior Church and September saw the launch of an exciting new programme. As the numbers were low in all the groups we decided to try Scripture Union “Mosaic” a resource designed for small groups with a wide age range. The following statement is taken from the “Mosaic” workbook and sums up the situation very well :-

“As times have changed, so have the resources, of course. Where once Sunday School was the highlight of the week for many children, today many other exciting activities compete with the events that churches provide. Where once school life was dull and mainly sedentary, teachers have a vast range of ways of engaging children in the learning process. It is hard now for churches to “compete” with all opportunities and activities that fill the 21st. century child’s life”.

Our children aged 3 to 16 years are together for about half an hour for a themed story, game, drama, song and or prayer and then they go into age appropriate sessions for about 15 minutes. It is working very well with good interaction between all ages and less staff needed.

We ask for your continued prayer and support as we help our youngsters learn about God and grow in faith.

Religion never was designed to make our pleasures less. Isaac Watts

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