Jelly Totz

Following a fairly inconsistent year of attendance, 2018 is looking much more promising. After a few quiet weeks at the start of the year, mainly due to the usual winter bugs doing the rounds, numbers have really picked up.

We have had a flurry of newcomers who have found our details online or been recommended to come by friends which is really good to hear. Most are local to Hucclecote but some come from other surrounding areas. Our baby area has become quite busy recently as along with new faces, we have also welcomed a few siblings this year.

We hope to maintain these increased numbers and will continue to open in school holidays as many families are grateful for this. We still only have a fairly small number that we can count on turning up each week and we are grateful to those who help with setting and tidying up.

Sarah and Laura, who have turned up early and helped oversee the activities at Jellytotz for several years will be leaving us later this year as their daughters start pre-school and school. We are extremely grateful for all that they have done and we will shortly be looking to recruit more helpers to share in organising, setting and tidying up.

We continue to be thankful to the ladies who help with serving drinks and snacks and also those who prepare and help with craft activities. The craft (and the biscuits) continue to be popular! The children love the variety and it's great to see them looking so proud of their creations. This year crafts have included rockets, snowmen, bear headdresses and postboxes.

The singing and nursery rhymes continues to be as enjoyable and chaotic as ever with children joining in, dancing and shaking instruments. It's a joy to see them having fun and expressing themselves!

We thoroughly enjoyed the weeks when we ran special sessions. The children adored meeting Father Christmas and we were very grateful to Open the Book team for performing a short nativity for young children. We also held a Light Party and Treasure Hunt, Summer Graduation Party and Easter Egg Hunt which we will continue to run annually.

We would all like to thank the Church for it's continued support and blessings.

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. Genesis 1:31

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